About What if your book could change a life? What if that life is your own?

NOTE: In late February 2019, I began a full-time editorial position at the Denison Forum.

Consequently, I am only taking on a very limited number of other projects.

However, I am glad to make referrals to editors and writers I know and trust.

What if your book could change a life?

What if that life is your own?

I know, I know.

That sounds a little presumptuous—maybe even preposterous.

But it was true for me.

In 2013, while working at a full-time job, I wrote and self-published The Gospel According to Breaking Bad. I released it on the same day as the last season’s premiere episode and enjoyed some free press (WaPo, HuffPo) as my book rode on the coattails of a cultural fascination with the final plight of Walter White.

My life didn’t change when I hit publish, when I sold my first copy, or when the first review from someone I didn’t know appeared online.

My life changed when I realized I’d written a book. No matter its sales or public reception, I accomplished a dream I’d carried since childhood.

I was an author.

Maybe that’s you too.

Or, maybe it’s not about being an author, but you have something important to say—a message you must express.

Writing that book, reaching your audience, telling your story to the world—these goals can and will change your life in ways you can’t even begin to expect.

Since 2014, I’ve written another book, coauthored three, ghostwritten five, and have edited dozens.

I’ve worked with almost one hundred writers to bring their words to the public through their books and websites.

I’ve guided nonfiction authors through the proposal process in their search for a literary agent.

I’ve helped authors successfully navigate self-publishing, and I’ve self-published two audiobooks and one Spanish translation of my own books.

Then there was my most personal project to date: self-publishing my late uncle’s excellent mystery novel, Sins of the Five Fathers.

Today, I also teach for Writing Workshops Dallas.

I can’t believe I get to do any of this for a living.

I owe so much of that to taking a chance—on myself and my words.

And I’m so grateful for those I get to serve.

I wrote a book and it changed my life, irrevocably.

Yours can too.