Dead Man Watching: The Incredible Story of a Man Who Watched Himself Die and Lived to Tell It
Genre: Christian
Tags: Client Work, Copyediting
ASIN: B07965V495
ISBN: 9781512783278

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A widely held reaction to the message of the Gospel is why do bad things happen to good people? This book is all about living and praying through adversity. From a purely human perspective, death is the ultimate adversity that happens to all of us. This book is intended to encourage the reader who is facing trials of any kind, including the final trial in earthly life.

This entire story is about Gods mercy. From beginning to multiple ends, it is a modern testimony of how God works in mysterious ways through the many stages of a single life. The amazing revelation for the reader is that this is a former dead man talking to you about the Lords miraculous interventions in his life and in death. In a very real way, this book is an auto-obituary of a man who watched and even heard his own death pronounced.

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