Recommended resources

If you’re looking for a book publishing professional to help you on any aspect of your writing, editing, publishing, or marketing journey (and I’m not able to help), the following people have my highest recommendation.

I consider the editors listed below all as friends, and they all have well-earned accolades from the many writers they’ve helped. Just be sure to peruse their websites to ensure they offer the specific service you’re seeking.

Also, since they’re talented at what they do, their immediate schedules are often full. However, I still recommend reaching out to them as you never know when their schedule may open.

Lastly, please consider mentioning that I pointed you to them. (In some instances, I will be given a referral fee.)


AMBER HELT‘s attention to detail is only outmatched by her organizational skills. She runs Rooted in Writing, and her team is highly recommended for fiction developmental editing, copyediting, and editor coaching.

MIKE LOOMIS can help your nonfiction book, but he can also help your brand. He’s also an excellent co-writer and writing coach.

JIM WOODS is such an encouraging writer who helps writer and business owners bring books into the world.

KENT SANDERS is an excellent ghostwriter, nonfiction developmental editor, and author.

MARK LEGG is a deep thinker who can still write quickly and excellently. He’s also an academic and consequently a talented researcher.

Professional editing and writing organizations

THE EDITORIAL FREELANCERS ASSOCIATION is a large, nationwide organization of freelance editors. When I turn down a client and I’m unable to refer an editor friend, I refer the client to the EFA. You have two options for discovering an editor to help you.

The EFA also provides a helpful list of editorial pay rates. Note that these are ranges based on a self-reported 2020 survey and only serve as ballpark estimates of what you could pay. As that page says, “individual members’ rates vary considerably.” Also note that one page = 250 words for that list.

THE CHRISTIAN EDITOR CONNECTION provides Christian editors for Christian books. What’s nice about their free job submission process is that a lead editor will review your request and send it to a select few editors within the organization whom they believe can best help your project. When I freelanced full-time, I belonged to CEC and greatly appreciated the clients I worked with through their organization.

THE ASSOCIATION OF GHOSTWRITERS offers a free ghostwriting job submission form as well as the ability to search their ghostwriter database. Disclaimer: I have not worked with anyone in the organization, nor have I belonged to it. But it is one of the few (if not the only) professional ghostwriter organization search website.

Book designers and formatters

MELINDA MARTIN with Martin Publishing Services is a superb book designer, publishing consultant, and project manager—but you better be a professional-grade self-publisher.

Invaluable publishing newsletters

(aka, writing I gladly pay to read)

THE HOT SHEET BY JANE FRIEDMAN is a weekly must-read covering important publishing industry news that you likely won’t read anywhere else. Well-researched and easy to read, The Hot Sheet always makes me think better and more deeply about the world of publishing.

NOTES FROM A SMALL PRESS BY ANNE TRUBEK provides insider insight from the owner of a small press publisher.