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Ghostwriting / cowriting: If you lack the time or talents to turn your idea into a full-fledged book, let’s talk. In six months to a year, you could be holding your very own book.

Freelance writing: Maybe you don’t need a book written; you need daily, weekly, or monthly content to help promote your book, business, or brand. Let’s discuss your blogging, your guest posting, your email newsletter, and your social media. (Establishing long-term relationships with such clients is one of my favorite things!)

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Manuscript Review: If you’re worried that your book “just isn’t working,” you may need a manuscript review—a less costly way to receive invaluable insight on what’s working, and what’s not, within your manuscript.

Developmental Editing: Every book should tell a story—even in nonfiction. If you fear that your book lacks that overarching story, or just doesn’t flow well, or has some subtle flaw that’s escaping your notice, request a developmental edit. Though costlier than a manuscript review, a developmental edit provides in-depth suggestions to make sure your book works from beginning to end.

Copyediting: Where is that comma supposed to go? Is it there or their or they’re? Why is she Miriam on page one and Mariam on page 301? If you’re certain that your book makes sense and is compelling, ask for a copyedit. Copyediting ensures that your sentence-level errors—grammar, spelling, inconsistencies, repetition, etc.—are eradicated.

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Proposal Creation for Traditional Publishing: To land a literary agent, you need a book proposal—a business plan for your book. A nonfiction book proposal must include a ton of information all designed to get the agent, and then a publisher, interested in the business of you. Book proposals, which may include two sample chapters, typically run from thirty to fifty pages. Knowing how best to present yourself and your work will increase your chances at being picked for one of the most exclusive of professions: traditionally published author.

Self-Publishing Assistance: Navigating your options for self-publishing can be daunting. Should you release in print, or digital, or audio, or in another language, or all of the aforementioned? Should you use a self-publishing service like BookBaby, or hire one person to assist you? If you’re looking for recommendations, or assistance with any of these self-publishing platforms (Amazon CreateSpace, Kindle Direct Publishing, ACX, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Kobo Writing Life, iBooks Author, or Babelfish), let’s talk. This option assumes you have a fully edited and formatted manuscript ready to be published.

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Author Website Critique: Your website visitors won’t tell you that your website isn’t great; they’ll just leave. And how can you know what you need if you don’t know what you need? I’ll cast a critical though caring eye on your website and provide practical solutions you can quickly implement.

Email Newsletter / Email Automation Setup: If you know you need an email list but fear the tech that’s required to have one, I’ll help you establish your list (on MailChimp) and provide one-on-one teaching so that you can grow your audience. Want to offer a free ebook for signing up? We can do that. Want to send an automated series of emails, like 7 Days to Healthier Living? We can do that too.

Platform Creation: Let’s be honest with each other: With a million books released per year, it’s hard to sell a book. But it can be done, and selling books often begins by constructing a sturdy author platform. From your website to your email newsletter and social media accounts, to your blogging and guest posting and so much more, you can reach the audience who didn’t even know they were waiting for your book.

Platform Rebuilding: Maybe you already have a marketing platform, but it’s not getting the results you want. Let’s reassess everything from the ground up and enhance what’s working and change what’s not.

Content Marketing: Unfortunately, gone are the days when an author could just write their book and be done with it. Today, to rise above the digital noise, an author has to write more in order to market what they’ve written. Content marketing uses blogs, articles, guest posts, email newsletters, and social media to market your book and purposefully repurpose your content to find your target audiences.

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Consultations: Aren’t sure what help you may need? Confused about pursuing traditional publishing vs. self-publishing? Want to know how to make a living as a writer? Just want to talk about writing, editing, publishing, or marketing? Let’s have an open Q&A for fifty minutes.

Speaking: As the coleader of the Dallas Nonfiction Authors Association, an instructor with Writing Workshops Dallas, and a speaker or panelist at writing events like WORDfest and the Dallas Author Expo, I have an extensive repertoire of talks revolving around writing, publishing, and marketing books. Popular topics have included “Self-Editing 101,” “How to Find, Vet, and Work with an Editor,” and “How to Break into Ghostwriting.” However, if your group has a specific request, don’t hesitate to ask.

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