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I offer many services to nonfiction authors.

If you’re unsure of what kind of help you may need, please complete this intake form.

  • As a nonfiction book coach, I can help you write your book. Read more about my nonfiction book coaching services.
  • As a nonfiction developmental editor, I can offer feedback after you’ve completed a draft of your book. Read more about my nonfiction developmental editing services.
  • As a nonfiction ghostwriter or collaborative writer, I will write your book on your behalf or in conjunction with you. Ghostwriting is typically a costly writing service but has many benefits. Read more about my nonfiction ghostwriting services.
  • As a nonfiction book proposal writer or editor, I can help you craft a compelling proposal to get the attention of literary agents and publishers. Details are coming soon, but choose “Query, proposal, or manuscript critique” when completing my contact form.
  • As a lead magnet writer, I can help you brainstorm and create a lead magnet to grow your email newsletter list. Read more about my lead magnet writing services.

I also offer paid writing and publishing consultations by the hour where we can discuss anything related to writing, editing, and publishing. Choose “Paid consultation” on my booking form to reserve your time.