Each of these editors and book professionals is highly recommended. I’ve had the pleasure to work with or learn from all of them, and many I consider friends.

Just be sure to peruse their websites to ensure that they offer the specific service you’re seeking.

Also, since they’re talented at what they do, their immediate schedules are usually full. However, I still recommend reaching out to them as you never know when their schedule may open.

Lastly, please consider mentioning that I pointed you to them. (In some instances, I will be given a referral fee.)


Mike Loomis

Mike Loomis can help your nonfiction book, but he can also help your brand—and I’d argue that most writers need help in that area. He’s also an excellent co-writer and writing coach.

Amber Helt with Rooted in Writing

Amber’s attention to detail is only outmatched by her organizational skills. Highly recommended for fiction developmental editing, copyediting, and editor coaching.

Shawn Smucker

If you’re looking for help with a memoir, Shawn’s the developmental editor or co-writer you’re looking for. (And his novels are fantastic!)

Kent Sanders

Kent is an excellent nonfiction developmental editor, author, and co-writer.

The Editorial Freelancers Association

You may submit a request for an editor for free, but be warned: you could receive dozens if not hundreds of replies since your request is sent to their national database. This is a great step if you want choice and have time to consider each reply. Alternatively, you may also browse their list of editors.

Christian Editor Connection

If you write Christian content, you may request a Christian editor for free here. An actual person will see your request and reach out to a few members of their list whom they think can best help you.