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Should I hire a nonfiction book coach?

If you agree with any of these statements, you should hire a nonfiction book coach:

  • I’m stuck, I’m lost, or I’m about to give up.
  • My book doesn’t sound like me.
  • I can’t get this done before my deadline.
  • I don’t know what I’m missing.
  • I don’t know what my readers expect.

If you’re still unsure, keep reading.

Or you can go ahead and tell me about your project so I can learn more about you, where you’re at with your project, and what kind of help will benefit you most.

What is a nonfiction book coach?

A person types a book on a laptop. Credit: DAPA Images on Canva Photos.
A person types a book on a laptop. Credit: DAPA Images on Canva Photos.

As a nonfiction book coach, I will come alongside you during the drafting or revision stage to be a listening ear, an encouraging partner, and a frank advocate for your readers.

I will ask questions, offer suggestions, and do my best to help you craft a clear, compelling, cohesive book.

I will also provide accountability for you to keep writing.

What are the goals of nonfiction book coaching?

When our book coaching ends, you should:

  • Feel like you’ve written the book your audience wants
  • Have a book that unmistakeably captures your voice
  • Be confident in what you’ve created before turning it into your publisher

What does it look like to work with you as a nonfiction book coach?

We’ll schedule a free, 15-minute discovery call via phone or virtual meeting. We’ll discuss you, your goals for your book, your audience, and what kind of help you may need.

We’ll also discuss your timeline. Since many of my clients have high demands on their time, I work with them to find an optimal schedule and process. No two clients are alike, and I tailor the book-coaching process to the author’s needs.

I’ll request a sample chapter or two to assess the state of your manuscript.

I’ll draft a brief proposal and cost estimate, which you’ll then review. If you agree to it, we’ll begin work as soon as my schedule allows. If you have questions, we can schedule another 20-minute call.

Then I’ll send a contract to you which you’ll be able to sign online.

Payment structures can vary, but typical arrangements include:

  • A monthly retainer
  • Or half up front and half toward the end of the scheduled project timeline

Payment can be made online via ACH check (preferred) or via a mailed check.

Once the contract has been signed and the first payment has been received, the nonfiction book coaching begins in earnest.

A majority of book coaching is simply discussing the book as it’s taking shape. This is done via phone calls or virtual meetings.

  • If an author is consistently working on their book, meetings generally take place for one hour every week for the duration of the drafting or revision schedule.
  • For authors under a looming deadline, I also offer in-person, weeklong intensives at the client’s expense.

For all book coaching clients, I will also read and comment on your work in progress, offering suggestions for improvement much like a developmental editor would.

What’s the difference between a book coach and a developmental editor?


  • A book coach helps you as you draft your book.
  • A developmental editor helps you after you’ve written a complete manuscript.


  • A book coach offers ongoing support while you’re writing.
  • A developmental editor typically receives a full manuscript and then returns the full manuscript with their suggestions.

How much does nonfiction book coaching cost?

Since every nonfiction book project has different requirements, both in terms of time and expertise, no set rate exists.

However, a retainer can begin in the low thousands per month and be higher depending on many factors (e.g., if the timeline is short or a client requests more meetings). Per-project pricing is also available for authors who aren’t on a deadline.

Ultimately, my goal for pricing nonfiction book coaching is to find the mutually agreeable sweet spot where each party finds value.

If you have further questions about the cost of nonfiction book coaching or what it could look like to work with me as a nonfiction book coach, please tell me more about your book.